ISP International's foundation in trauma-focused psychology enables our team to create safe spaces for authentic healing to occur.  Organizations often struggle to fully repair harm sustained from adverse events, discrimination, harassment, or other cumulative impacts of systemic oppression. Our team is highly trained at supporting organizations in understanding and responding to the effects of shared injuries to social, cultural, and physical ecologies. ISP offers tools to identify and strengthen the organization's practice based initiatives yielding transformative cultural shifts.

To Improve trauma recovery and resilience outcomes at the organizational level, ISP International offers:

  • Trauma and Mental Health Consulting 

  • Organizational Crisis Response 

  • Racial Trauma Organizational Policy Development from an intersectional justice model

  • Meeting and Maintaining Best Practices, a Trauma-informed curriculum tailored to your industry 

  • Creating Physical, Emotional and Psychological Safety Learning series

  • Cultural and Historical Trauma Learning series

  • Anti-Human Trafficking Program Development Initiatives

  • Migration and Asylum Seeking Policy Review

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