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Teacher and Student


The difference between Equity and Equality is essential. By centering the concept of "Belonging," ISP International seeks to build equity in the systems and cultures we serve to ensure all can thrive. 



Honest engagement within and between communities is requisite to affect meaningful change and social impact. ISP International utilizes asset based approaches to capture and grow the power inherent to each community. 


Justice has long escaped many of the systems we have created. ISP International looks at ways to bring data and intent to reimagine a more just world.


Trauma is an experience, not an event. ISP International focuses on traumatic experience and resilience to promote health and wellness of collectives and systems.  

Group of Friends

“In an age of DEI work becoming increasingly popular, this is a trusted team. While drawing on empirical evidence and practice-based knowledge, this experienced team of psychologists invite those with whom they work to engage in the heart work necessary to hold themselves and their organizations accountable for equity and inclusion."

—  Dr. Chante DeLoach, Professor at Santa Monica College, 

author of How We Practice Therapy Now

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