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​​ISP International utilizes strategic processes to align organizations with the communities around them.  Well-versed in ecological systems theory, our team identifies various tensions that harm communities and the individuals within them. ISP International has expertise in creating collaborative international community engagement initiatives that yield sustainable, collective impact.  Our specialization in International Psychology and Human Rights yields a team of highly trained negotiators, who are skilled in deciphering political climates, and are astute policy evaluators.  Working from an equity lens, we shift the focus to the collective ensuring intersectional and inclusive justice for the health and well-being of the organization and communities they serve.

To build on Community Engagement strategies at the Organizational/Community Level, ISP International offers:


  • Expert facilitation through a series of Community Listening Sessions

  • Strategic Development, operating within an intersectional justice model

  • Data driven tools developed for community engagement, including customized monitoring and reporting systems and research-based white papers aimed to support upcoming community initiatives

  • Collaborations on community-based projects to impact social change 

Group Planting a Tree
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