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Uma P. Dorn, Ph.D.

Dr. Uma Parameswaran Dorn is a counseling and sport psychologist whose work has centered in providing support to marginalized communities specifically for BIPOC communities. Dr. Dorn’s work has focused on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (EDI) initiatives through actionable change addressing strategy, policy, education & training, organizational culture, and accountability. She has developed education and learning series to educate mental health providers to be culturally proficient while also creating affirming spaces for BIPOC individuals through affinity groups.  Dr. Dorn is currently core faculty at Antioch University. Dr. Dorn has worked across multiple contexts and has rooted her clinical work by continuing to teach, currently at NYU and conducting research within academic settings. She has presented at local, national, and international conferences. 


As a 1.5-generation immigrant who moved to the U.S. from India, Dr. Dorn has experienced the cultural complexities of being South Asian American in various localities. These early experiences of race, culture and the intersection of gender has informed her work with clients and systems. She works to understand the complexities of power within larger systems and its influences on intersecting identities. Dr. Dorn has centered her work in dismantling systems of oppression through engaging in conversations about racism and other inequities while also considering the individual and collective traumas that have been experienced especially within communities of color, queer and trans, and other oppressed communities. In addition to bringing awareness to the needs of underrepresented communities, Dr. Dorn intentionally highlights individual and collective strengths of these communities emphasizing both positive and resilient intersectionality to build upon cultural wealth and knowledge. 

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